LucidCatalyst is a highly specialised international consultancy offering thought leadership, strategy development and techno-economic expertise. Our mission is to multiply and accelerate zero carbon technology options available for large-scale, affordable, market-based decarbonization of the global economy over a wide range of future scenarios.

LucidCatalyst specializes in interventions that deliver the critical strategic changes necessary to bring about deep and rapid cuts to carbon emissions worldwide while expanding affordable energy access. 

To most expediently address climate change, we need to build a broad consensus around an expanded view of solutions. We work to remove gaps in understanding, policy barriers, real and perceived investment risk, and technological barriers in order to create the possibility for technology inclusive evidence-based decision making.   

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Read our article in World Nuclear News: Why sustainable finance needs to be defined by evidence not ideology

NNWI Forum 2019 Conference in London

We enjoyed participating in discussions about nuclear energy as part of Europe’s energy mix.

Africa Nuclear Business Platform Conference in Nairobi, Kenya

We were honored to present at Africa's first nuclear conference. Read more and see photos of our visit to the Olkaria Geothermal Complex in Kenya's Great Rift Valley, which generates a significant portion of the country's electricity.

Energy Disruptors UNITE Conference in Calgary, Alberta, Canada

LucidCatalyst's Kirsty Gogan and Eric Ingersoll were pleased to participate.

A low-carbon future needs partnerships

Combining wind and solar with nuclear power generation supports a resilient energy system at reasonable cost. It is up to governments and industry to cooperate as never before to ensure the next three decades lead to a clean energy future. This was the consensus of a debate on multilateral partnerships that took place yesterday at the International Conference on Climate Change. Kirsty Gogan discusses the role of nuclear in the clean energy transition.

A win for science-based climate policy making

If you haven’t heard the news, we recently had a small, but significant win for science-based climate policy making. It was announced that EU ministers decided not to restrict nuclear energy for inclusion on the sustainable finance taxonomy.