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International Symposium on the Development of Floating Nuclear Power Plants

International Atomic Energy Agency

Vienna International Centre, Austria

14 and 15 November 2023

Eric Ingersoll, Chirayu Batra and Kirsty Gogan (of LucidCatalyst and Terra Praxis) attended and Kirsty gave remarks and opened the session on: The Emerging Potential of Floating Nuclear Power Plants in Vienna.

Achieving net zero carbon emissions by 2050 will require large scale deployment of all low carbon energy sources, including nuclear power. Various studies confirm that nuclear power has a significant role to play in combating climate change and meeting increasing energy demand worldwide, but this will require that nuclear power plants be deployed at a larger scale than is currently the case. The international deployment of FNPPs offers new opportunities but also presents challenges, including the evaluation of international and national legal issues and institutional aspects.

The International Atomic Energy Agency hosted the first International Symposium on the Deployment of Floating Nuclear Power Plants – Benefits and Challenge. The purpose of the event has been to explore and discuss the potential deployment of FNPPs to enhance the contribution of nuclear energy to achieving net zero carbon emissions. It focused on different aspects of FNPPs, ranging from their national deployment in territorial waters to more challenging applications that require the transport of fueled FNPPs to other countries or their deployment in international waters.

Themes and Topics included: Past, current and potential future applications

  • National deployment experiences

  • Overview of national development activities

  • Potential future FNPP deployment scenarios

  • Production of FNPPs using existing shipyards

Legal aspects — Safety, Security, Safeguards and Liability

  • Deployment in territorial waters (close to shore and further off shore)

  • Deployment in international waters

  • Licensing, regulation and transport of fueled FNPPs

  • Applicability of international standards and guidance (e.g., IAEA safety standards and security guidance documents)

  • Application of safeguards

Further Actions

  • Role of proponents and Member States

  • Role of international organizations

Kirsty Gogan gave expert remarks and moderated the Opening Session: "THE EMERGING POTENTIAL OF FLOATING NUCLEAR POWER PLANTS" The session included experts:

  • Ms Aline Des Cloizeaux, Director, Division of Nuclear Power, IAEA

  • Ms Laura Holgate, Ambassador and Resident Representative to the IAEA, USA

  • Mr Sangim Park, Vice President, HD Korea Shipbuilding & Offshore Engineering Co., Ltd., Republic of Korea

(left to right) Kirsty Gogan, Aline DES CLOIZEAUX, Laura Holgate and Sangmin Park

Kirsty Gogan's presentation

2023_11_15_FNPP session-LC presentation
Download PDF • 4.20MB


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