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Launching Repowering Coal initiative at COP27

Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt

7 - 17 November, 2022

Representing TerraPraxis at COP27 in in Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt, Kirsty Gogan and Eric Ingersoll launched a global Repowering Coal initiative to enable every coal plant owner in the world to assess their coal plant for conversion to clean energy. The team hosted events alongside global climate leaders and partner Microsoft.

Eric Ingersoll, Kirsty Gogan, and Brad Smith (Microsoft President and Vice Chair), at the launch of the TerraPraxis new EVALUATE application.

Eric Ingersoll and Conor Kelly (of Microsoft) presenting the Repowering Coal initiative at COP27.

Kirsty Gogan and Eric Ingersoll at COP27.


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