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Reuters SMR & Advanced Reactor Conference

Atlanta, Georgia, USA

1 - 2 May 2024

Eric Ingersoll and Kirsty Gogan are pleased to attend the upcoming Reuters SMR & Advanced Reactor Conference in May 2024, in Atlanta – Kirsty as Moderator, representing non-profit Terra Praxis, and Eric as speaker representing LucidCatalyst, at the May 1st session on "Decarbonizing the Tough-to-Decarbonize: Supercharging the Industrial Energy Transition." 

Title: Decarbonizing the Tough-to-Decarbonize: Supercharging the Industrial Energy Transition

Industrial processes contribute almost 30% of all carbon emissions. They depend on high-temperature heat and steam 24/7 due to costly ramp-ups, making them difficult to electrify. Many industrial processes can leverage advanced small modular reactors (aSMRs)—and businesses, governments, and regulators are beginning to take note of the versatility and scalability of the technology to support many industries. For example, heat from aSMRs can create clean fuels, power transportation, support mining processes, power data centers, desalinate water, decarbonize aviation and cement production, and more. 

This panel is planning to discuss:

  • The massive and growing demand from commercial and industrial energy users that cannot be met with intermittent renewable or conventional nuclear energy.

  • New SMR designs in the context of a standardized product development and delivery system.

  • Digital fast lanes for swift and cost-effective licensing and permitting to pave the way for deploying aSMRs in industry.

  • Fleet-wide feasibility studies to lower development risk and stimulate investment.



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