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Eric Ingersoll

Managing Partner​

Eric Ingersoll is a strategic advisor and entrepreneur with deep experience in the commercialization of new energy technologies. He has extensive project and policy experience in renewables, energy storage, oil & gas, and nuclear, with a special emphasis on advanced nuclear technologies. At LucidCatalyst, Eric works with clients to develop commercialization and market entry strategies for advanced energy technologies such as advanced nuclear power generation, carbon capture, and zero-carbon liquid fuels.


Eric has led the LucidCatalyst team in completing an array of projects related to regulatory, financing, and project delivery barriers, and techno-economic studies in the nuclear sector for a variety of clients, including government agencies in the U.S. and abroad. These include studies for EPRIARPA-EUrenco/AuroraCATFthe Energy Innovation Reform Project, and UK Energy Technologies Institute.  He was on the study team for MIT's Study: The Future of Nuclear Energy in a Carbon-Constrained World. Eric recently co-authored Missing Link to a Livable Climate: How Hydrogen-Enabled Synthetic Fuels Can Help Deliver the Paris Goals. In addition to this extensive experience specifically on nuclear power, Eric has led dozens of in-depth studies on power market mechanisms, system modeling with specialized software, environmental policy impacts, and long-term market dynamics with expansion of solar, wind, energy storage, and other innovative energy resources. LucidCatalyst conducted a definitive cost study on advanced nuclear technology and maintains one of the industry's most comprehensive advanced nuclear cost models. Eric leads multiple decarbonization modeling efforts, and advises governments and private sector on electricity and fuels applications of advanced nuclear and fusion energy systems. 

Eric is also co-founder of Terra Praxis, a non-profit organization focused on action for climate and prosperity. Its focus is on enabling high-impact rapid transitions for neglected parts of the decarbonization challenge. The Terra Praxis team works with an extensive global network to define, incubate, and initiate scalable strategies that fulfill the twin missions of prosperity and decarbonization. Through a combination of rigorous, credible analysis, relationships of trust, and values alignment with key influencers, Terra Praxis maps transformative solutions into the uncharted territory of decarbonization that are otherwise absent from the discourse.

Before LucidCatalyst, Eric was an interim leader or paid strategic advisor to over 30 startups. He raised over $100 million of private equity for General Compression, of which he was a founder and the lead inventor of the technology. Because of his unique strategic vision, focus on addressing climate change, and experience developing and commercializing new technologies, Eric was a member of the renewable energy advisory group of the National Commission on Energy Policy (NCEP), and was honored at the White House as a Champion of Change in Renewable Energy.

Listen to Eric talk about his work as one of the world’s leading climate change analysts and advisors on the Titans of Nuclear podcast, and what inspired him to work on climate change and clean energy.

Kirsty Gogan

Managing Partner​

Kirsty Gogan is an internationally sought-after advisor to governments, industry, academic networks and NGOs. Kirsty is regularly invited as an expert speaker on science communication, climate change, competitiveness and innovation to high profile events around the world. She has more than 15 years’ experience as a senior advisor to Government on climate and energy policy, including 10 Downing St, and the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister.

Kirsty chairs the UK Government’s Nuclear Innovation Research and Advisory Board (NIRAB) Cost Reduction Working Group. In 2019, NIRAB recommended investment of US$1.3 billion between 2021 and 2025 to boost the progress of innovation, leading to a package of measures designed to support the UK’s Net Zero goals in 2020.

Kirsty is also co-founder of Terra Praxis, a non-profit organization focused on action for climate and prosperity. Its focus is on enabling high-impact rapid transitions for neglected parts of the decarbonization challenge. The Terra Praxis team works with an extensive global network to define, incubate, and initiate scalable strategies that fulfill the twin missions of prosperity and decarbonization. Through a combination of rigorous, credible analysis, relationships of trust, and values alignment with key influencers, Terra Praxis maps transformative solutions into the uncharted territory of decarbonization that are otherwise absent from the discourse.

Kirsty’s voluntary work includes having co-founded Energy for Humanity (EFH), which under her leadership, was shortlisted for the Business Green Leaders “Green NGO of the Year” Award in 2016. She serves on the Board of Nuclear Innovation Alliance, as well as Voices for Nuclear. The US National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine has appointed her to serve on a new committee to identify opportunities and barriers to the commercialization of new and advanced nuclear energy technologies over the next 30 years. 

Previously, Kirsty led the UK Government’s national public consultation into the UK’s Energy Policy Statements, evaluated the national response to the accident at Fukushima Dai-Chi, and revised the Civil Nuclear Emergency Planning and Response guidance. As Head of Communication for the Nuclear Industry Association, she established strong, long-standing relationships within the UK energy sector. In this role, Kirsty established an academic-led expert network and forged new relationships widely recognized as transformational for representation of nuclear in the UK, including the Low Carbon Alliance between the nuclear, carbon capture and renewables industries, representing more than 1,000 businesses.

Publications Kirsty has recently contributed to include “Advancing Nuclear Innovation: Responding to Climate Change and Strengthening Global Security” (2019) as a Board member of the Global Nexus Initiative. She is a regular contributor to climate-related efforts at the IAEA, OECD-NEA and the Clean Energy Ministerial (NICE Future Initiative). She has peer-reviewed and provided expert input to the International Energy Agency “Nuclear Power in a Clean Energy System (2019)” and IEA Energy Technology Perspectives (2020) as well as CleanTech Group’s investor report on advanced reactors in the clean energy transition (2020) and the Royal Society report on Nuclear Cogeneration: civil nuclear energy in a low carbon future (2020).

Watch Bloomberg New Energy Finance founder, Michael Liebreich interview Kirsty at Cleaning Up – Leadership in an age of climate change.

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Chirayu Batra

Chief Technology Officer

Chirayu Batra is a Nuclear Engineer with extensive experience on advanced reactor technology development. He worked as a nuclear engineer and a Project Officer on advanced reactor technologies at the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) for over 7 years. He has led the planning, organizing and implementing of several of the IAEA’s activities and projects in the field of Small Modular Reactors (SMR) and their applications, including their coupling with renewable and non-electric applications. He also served as the first scientific secretary for the IAEA’s platform on small modular reactors and their applications, where he coordinated the development of the IAEA’s medium-term strategy for near-term deployment of small modular reactors as well as the international SMR Coordination and Resource Portal for Information Exchange, Outreach and Networking (SCORPION). He has also led the IAEA’s activities on codes and standards, design engineering and manufacturing of components for SMRs. He served as member of several international scientific committees and regularly provided technical insights.

Chirayu has experience in advanced reactor modelling and simulations and also coordinated several international benchmark studies on modelling and simulations and led the IAEA’s initiative on open-source nuclear codes for reactor analysis (ONCORE) as well as the IAEA’s project on nuclear power plant simulators. He has trained over 1000 professionals from across the world on system engineering and physics and technology of advanced reactors. He also served as the lead trainer for the IAEA’s integral PWR simulator.  

Chirayu holds a double master degree in nuclear engineering and nuclear reactor physics, and undergraduate degree in Material Science. He loves to read and can always be found with a book. 

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Michael Drury

Managing Director

Michael is a Managing Director at LucidCatalyst, based in London. Previously, he was Managing Director of two reactor vendors developing Gen IV reactors. He has held senior roles and represented the UK government on Advanced Nuclear Technologies (ANT) for both SMR and AMR at the International Atomic Energy Agency. As Account Director for the UK’s National Nuclear Laboratory he has led programmes on Gen III+ and Gen IV reactors and chaired the UK Molten Salt Technology Platform and has a current position on the board of Midlands Nuclear.


He has provided written and oral evidence to the science and technology select committee for delivering nuclear, been an expert speaker at the All Party Parliamentary Group for both Nuclear and APPG SMR, worked closely with HM Treasury and DESNZ on developing UK policy for nuclear and been an expert for public perception development for modular reactors in the UK. He has worked with academia to develop capabilities for advanced nuclear technologies and is a fellow at the University of Liverpool on the Zero Power reactor programme. He has developed engineering solutions and project managed major projects such as Chernobyl NSC, ITER Fusion programme, Magnox decommissioning and projects on the existing fleet of UK AGR reactors and PWR reactor at Sizewell B. Having started his career in automotive at Jaguar Landrover volume production vehicles, his most recent focus has been on volume production of advanced modular reactors and the development of clean, net zero solutions.

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Zackary Rad

Chief Regulatory Officer

Zackary Rad is the Chief Regulatory Officer at LucidCatalyst, spearheading the company's regulatory initiatives. With over two decades of experience in the energy sector, Zackary is dedicated to advancing nuclear technology and promoting decarbonization. His extensive background in the nuclear industry spans from power plant operations to new plant licensing.

Zackary's expertise in regulatory affairs and licensing is built on a solid foundation of nuclear technology knowledge and a vision for a cleaner future. He has overseen licensing for reactor and fuel manufacturing facilities and led several advanced nuclear licensing projects, honing his skills in global licensing and renewable energy policy. His efforts ensure compliance and drive deployment projects. 

Currently, Zackary channels his extensive experience into LucidCatalyst's mission of innovation in the energy sector. He focuses on navigating complex regulatory landscapes and driving solutions for a clean energy future while setting new standards for environmental stewardship. His strategic role involves leading the design and development of innovative licensing strategies to enable large scale, cost competitive advanced nuclear deployment.


Zackary is a veteran of the U.S. Navy, has a B.S. in Nuclear Engineering Technology and an MBA.

"Being part of the LucidCatalyst team allows me to merge a wealth of innovative ideas shaped by my distinctive experiences, as we collectively strive to usher in a new era of clean energy solutions on a global scale."

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Ian Lawson

COO/General Manager

Ian Lawson is a seasoned business operator, entrepreneur, brand builder and sales leader with more than 25 years of business development, fundraising and management consulting experience. Ian has worked in the dynamic sectors of Renewable Energy, Clean Technology, CPG, Media, Health, Wellness, Sports, and Entertainment.

A passionate entrepreneur with a process driven approach to scaling and commercializing new businesses and products, Ian has closed more than $100 million in equity investment, partnership and media revenue for startup companies and emerging brands. 


Ian was an investor and served as the VP of Development at General Compression, supporting a Founder Led Executive team that raised more than $100 million of private equity for break-through energy store technology. He led a team that secured government funding including $4mm in DOE & ARPA-E grant funding for an innovative CAES+Wind pilot project.  


Prior to joining LucidCatalyst, Ian held management roles at Anheuser Busch, Pernod Ricard and General Compression. For the past 12 years Ian served as VP of Global Partnerships at Spartan Inc.

Chirayu Batra
Ian Lawson
Zack Rad
John Herter


John Herter has spent the past twelve years working for economic and corporate strategy consultancies as well as clean energy start-ups. As Director and Senior Consultant at LucidCatalyst, John advises corporations and NGOs on energy storage policy and deployment and manages an array of projects related to regulatory, financing, and project delivery barriers in the nuclear sector. John led the development of a report on advanced nuclear costs and has been involved in developing several capitalization strategies to take different types of nuclear technologies through to commercial demonstration. 


John’s professional experience spans advancing energy storage policy in California (promoting incentive programs and new market mechanisms to compensate energy storage for its value to the grid) and leading project development efforts for large-scale, first-of-a-kind energy projects. With 15 years of GIS experience, John has led detailed site selection analyses for solar and utility-scale energy storage projects and has created GIS-based decision support tools for the EPA’s Climate Change Division and other federal agencies.

Isuru Seneviratne


Isuru Seneviratne is an energy and sustainability professional with two decades’ experience in holistic investment diligence, sustainable business development, and climate policy advocacy. He catalyzes impact using evidence-based insights.

Isuru founded Radiant Value Management in 2015, an investment and operational strategy
advisor. In 2013 Isuru co-founded ART Logistics, an award-winning innovative logistics business servicing blue-chip clients in Sri Lanka. Before that, he oversaw the energy and resource portfolio of Equinox Partners in New York City.

Isuru has a Masters in Sustainability from Harvard Extension School, along with the graduate certificates Corporate Sustainability and Innovation and Sustainable Cities and Communities. For his final capstone, Isuru researched nuclear heat and power for industrial decarbonization. Isuru graduated from Amherst College with a Computer Science BA, cum laude and has the Fundamentals of Sustainability Accounting accreditation by the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (IFRS Foundation).

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Antonio Vaya Soler

Senior Consultant

Antonio Vaya Soler is a nuclear engineer and MBA with extensive experience in nuclear development strategies, energy economics, policy and technology innovation. He has more than 10 years of experience in global energy and nuclear sectors, both in industry and international affairs.


Prior to joining LucidCatalyst, he served for over 5 years as an advisor at the OECD Nuclear Energy Agency. In this position, Antonio advised member countries on developing effective nuclear policies and led techno-economic analyses to enhance the role of nuclear power in meeting Net Zero goals. This included areas such as construction costs reduction, competitiveness of long-term operations, electricity system costs modeling, and market analysis of small modular reactors, as well as digital innovation. He has also been actively involved in the Generation IV International forum, where he fostered cooperation between the industry and national research laboratories, and provided valuable guidance to various technical committees focused on the deployment of advanced reactors and their economics.


Prior to his work with the OECD/NEA, Antonio served as a project lead engineer at Framatome, and holds both a Master's degree in nuclear engineering from Supélec and an MBA from Université de la Sorbonne in France.

Antonio Vaya Soler
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Eleanor Holloway

Executive Assistant to the Managing Partners

Eleanor joined the LucidCatalyst team in September 2022 as Executive Assistant to the Managing Directors. Eleanor is an experienced Executive Assistant having previously been Executive Assistant to the Director of the University of Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership, a globally influential institute developing leadership and solutions for a sustainable economy. Prior to that, she was Executive Assistant to the CEO of an international publisher. Eleanor coordinates the schedules for Kirsty and Eric, dealing with all aspects of travel and calendar logistics. She is highly organized, systematic and dedicated to ensuring the smooth-running of business by maximizing operational efficiencies and processes. Eleanor holds a BA in English Literature with Latin from The University of York. When not at work, Eleanor loves horse riding, reading, and walking in the countryside with her dog, Charlie.

Romana Vysatova

Production and Operations Manager

Romana Vysatova manages production and operations at LucidCatalyst in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Co-founder of Lucid Strategy, she helped develop product, market, marketing, organizational, and investment strategies and wrote dozens of business plans for companies and non-profits seeking growth and investment. She worked with the First National Bank of Chicago to help set up one of the first Venture Capital funds in China; with Drexel Burnham Lambert as a financial analyst in the Mergers & Acquisitions Department in New York; and with the White House Domestic Policy Council and the U.S. Department of Agriculture in Washington D.C. on rural economic development with a focus on supporting new business creation. Romana led a strategic planning and facilitation initiative to integrate and streamline the rural development and assistance programs of multiple Federal agencies. She also works with a variety of non-profits in the Boston area as a communications consultant and photographer. Romana received a Master in Public Policy from Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government and graduated from Harvard College.

Ian Woodhouse
Ian Woodhouse
Ian Woodhouse


Ian Woodhouse began working with LucidCatalyst in June 2020, focusing on researching the drivers of local opposition to Wind and Solar, and tracking instances and development of this opposition over time. He has contributed to work on the Energy Transition done in partnership with CATF, a collaboration with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology on a course concerning advanced nuclear reactor design, and now with TerraPraxis, working on the Repowering Coal initiative. Ian is a 2019 graduate of Haverford College with a BA in English. 

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