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ANS WINTER MEETING & TECHNOLOGY EXPO: Nuclear Technology for the U.S. and for the World

November 17-21, 2019

Washington D.C.


The theme of the American Nuclear Society (ANS) Winter Meeting 2019 was “Nuclear Technology for the U.S. and for the World.” The General Chair’s special session focused on “Nuclear Technology for the World: Opportunities and Challenges” with speakers from different countries. The panelists discussed the main opportunities and challenges to expanding the peaceful use of nuclear technology worldwide: not limited to nuclear energy, but also including other applications, such as medical and agricultural uses of nuclear technology.



​John L. Hopkins (Moderator), Chairman & Chief Executive Officer, NuScale Power, Chair, ANS Winter Meeting 2019​

William D. Magwood IV, Director-General, OECD Nuclear Energy Agency​


Lisa Thiele, Senior General Counsel, Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission


Kirsty Gogan, Cofounder and Managing Partner, LucidCatalyst; Cofounder and Global Director, Energy for Humanity


​Josh Freed, Senior Vice President, Clean Energy Program, Third Way


> Visit the ANS site for more information and full agenda

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