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Video about Canada’s Clean Energy Opportunity, featuring Kirsty Gogan

November 15, 2019

This Spring, Canada hosted the 10th Clean Energy Ministerial in Vancouver where for the first time nuclear was recognized as an integral form of clean energy needed to address the climate crisis. This coincided with a gathering of next generation Small Modular Reactor (SMR) design vendors, who see enormous opportunity to bring their technologies to market in Canada in collaboration with Canadian Nuclear Laboratories (CNL). CNL commissioned a video to capture the gathering momentum of Canada’s clean energy opportunity through the development of these vital technologies. The momentum continues as CNL will be hosting its 7th SMR Vendor Roundtable during the President’s Session of the American Nuclear Society’s winter meeting on Tuesday, November 19. The event will feature interactions between more than 30 SMR vendors and policy makers, regulators, national laboratories, customers and communities from around the world. > Read the press release: CNL to Fund Collaborations With SMR Vendors to Accelerate Clean Energy Deployment


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