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Titans of Nuclear: Eric Ingersoll


Eric Ingersoll is one of the world’s leading climate change analysts and advisors. He discusses his life's work and the constraints of bringing carbon-free electricity to the entire world.

Eric Ingersoll is a co-founder of the NGO TerraPraxis and a managing director and partner at LucidCatalyst.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • Eric’s personal evolution and his entrepreneurial endeavors, including his former company General Compression

  • Eric’s work as one of the world’s leading climate change analysts and advisors

  • A deep dive into natural gas cavern storage

  • How a combination of cheap gas and lack of demand for electricity nearly eliminated the wind development industry

  • Why compressed air storage and wind energy can’t solve the global carbon emission problem

  • System constraints Eric established while determining how to bring carbon-free electricity to the entire world and how advanced nuclear fits within those constraints

  • Commercialization development and deployment challenges with advanced reactors

  • The Nuclear Cost Driver Study

  • Ways in which we can reduce the cost and time required in the construction process to increase nuclear’s scalability

> Listen to the full interview

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