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Kirsty Gogan & Dr. Rita Baranwal. Deep Decarbonisation Advocates. Nuclear Energy Powerhouses

Energy Disruptors, Trailblazers 05, Podcast

In this compelling and optimistic discussion, two formidable nuclear energy experts explain why nuclear is so often left out of the conversation and, more importantly, why we have no choice but to include it in the mix of transition fuels to get us to a net-zero future.

This week's trailblazers are two inspirational powerhouses creating a new set of possibilities around nuclear. Kirsty Gogan, cofounder of Terra Praxis and Managing Partner at LucidCatalyst, and Dr. Rita Baranwal, former Assistant Secretary for the Office of Nuclear Energy in the U.S. Department of Energy, and now VP of nuclear at the Electric Power Research Institute to talk energy access, decarbonisation challenges and being trailblazers in the industry.

"The biggest barrier is trying to get the many entities involved in nuclear technology development to collaborate. Whether that looks like joint ventures or mergers in terms of the private industry space, something has to give. We cannot succeed if we have 60+ companies competing at the same time."


"By thinking creatively and applying the tools we have available to us in very new ways, we not only increase our chances of actually decarbonizing in time but we also increase our chances of doing it cost effectively and in a way that will be publicly acceptable."



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