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Innovation & Investment in Energy Summit

The Frontier Energy Network

24 June 2021

LucidCatalyst was pleased to co-sponsor and participate in the Innovation & Investment in Energy Summit 2021. The Report is now available for download (see link at bottom of page).

To mark the success of this #landmark Summit designed to create pathways to #decarbonisation; this Report features key insights and discussions as well as profiles of the #innovation#cleantech#climatetech innovators that took part.

WATCH EVENT TRAILER Welcome to the Innovation & Investment in Energy Summit:

Unlocking Innovation and Finance for Energy

Welcome to the Innovation & Investment in Energy Summit, a senior-level forum for those changing the face of the global energy sector. As the energy industry accelerates towards a lower carbon future what will the energy mix be and who will finance the changes? What innovations will speed up the track to net zero? Is there a silver bullet or will a hybrid approach prevail? What role will the fossil fuel industry play in the investment in innovation and investment for the future? In-depth panel discussions with live audience-driven Q&A, keynote presentations and face to face networking. Join this event to stay on the cutting edge of what’s next for energy.

Kirsty Gogan presented findings from LucidCatalyst's Missing Link report

The Innovation & Investment in Energy Summit Report is available to download from the Frontier Energy website (link below). The Report summarises the key points from each Session and the Members briefing that followed the main event.


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