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IAEA Conference / Nuclear Industry ‘Looking For Ways To Cut Construction Times And Costs’


October 14, 2019 ​

Kirsty Gogan* told the #Atoms4Climate conference at the IAEA Vienna headquarters that most new-build projects are delivering very low-cost, successful nuclear programmes, achieved through repeat builds, a programmatic approach, and building up skills and capabilities within the supply chain, labour force and project leadership team. The new builds that have gone over budget and schedule are all first-of-a-kind, first-in-a-generation projects,” Ms Gogan said. “There isn’t the experience within the project leadership teams, supply chain or labour force, and those designs are being licensed for the first time by regulators that haven’t really gained real life experience of licensing plants for a generation.” > Read more

* Kirsty Gogan is a partner at LucidCatalyst and co-founder and [former] executive director of Energy for Humanity.


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