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European Taxonomy/Commission Announces Plans To Include Nuclear Energy


By David Dalton 21 April 2021

Move is subject to opinions from two more expert groups

The European commission has announced that it will include nuclear power in the EU’s sustainable taxonomy under a complimentary delegated act that will confirm the energy source is as sustainable as other taxonomy-compliant power technologies.

According to a commission communication, the delegated act will be consistent with the conclusions of a Joint Research Centre report on nuclear power.

The JRC, the commission’s scientific expert arm, was asked to assess whether the EU should label nuclear power as a green investment. It concluded that the fuel qualifies as sustainable and does no more harm to human health or to the environment than other electricity production technologies already included in the bloc’s taxonomy.

The commission confirmed, however, that nuclear energy’s status is subject to the opinions of two further expert groups. A review of the JRC’s report is being carried out by the Euratom Article 31 experts group and the scientific committee on health, environmental and emerging risks (Scheer). The commission said these reviews will “complete the scientific evaluation” and be finalised in June 2021...

Note from LucidCatalyst: Thank you to everyone who helped make this happen, including the 53 signatories of the open letter that we published in the Financial Times with world famous climate scientists; academics, political leaders; regulators; climate NGOs; authors; artists; and investors.


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