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EU Sustainable Finance Taxonomy: The case to unlock sustainable funding for nuclear industry


The EU’s Sustainable Finance Taxonomy committee had out-of-date information that was putting nuclear at risk of being misclassified. So Arup team members Cowley, Mantell and Forder dug through 70 years of the industry's techniques and best practices.

The report they delivered showed a body of scientific evidence for good waste management—supporting a conclusion that nuclear power deserves a place in the EU Sustainable Finance Taxonomy framework.

"I'm proud of the work our team have done on this important issue and hopeful that the EU Joint Research Centre will agree with our conclusions when the Taxonomy is reviewed in 2021," said Jeremy Stain, Head of Nuclear at Arup.

Kirsty Gogan, of LucidCatalyst and TerraPraxis, was an advisor to this report, alongside Dr Ben Britton, Prof Thomas Scott, Dr Frances Livens, Dr. David Copplestone Prof Paddy Regan, Adrian Simper, James Lawrence, Prof Neil Hyatt, Prof Gerry Thomas and James McKinney.


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