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11th Annual Clean Energy Ministerial (CEM) Meeting Flexibility: The Enabling Roles of Nuclear Energy

Sept 22–23, 2020 in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Flexibility in Clean Energy Systems: The Enabling Roles of Nuclear Energy 15th of September 2020 | 17:00 – 18:45

Event Overview

This NICE Future event showcases clean energy system options through nuclear energy innovations. Speakers will discuss how emerging nuclear energy breakthroughs can improve system flexibility, support the integration of higher shares of variable renewable energy, and ultimately lead to cleaner, more resilient power.

The event launches a major new technical report by the initiative’s Flexible Nuclear Campaign for Nuclear-Renewables Integration (FNC). The report has engaged experts from nine ministries, five multi-governmental organizations, and 14 other organizations. Recognizing the continuing health and economic recovery needs from the COVID-19 pandemic, speakers will also present nuclear energy innovations that advance clean air, clean drinking water, clean transportation fuels, and clean energy access in remote regions, while providing reliable and affordable energy.

LucidCatalyst's Kirsty Gogan presented ideas from our Hydrogen Report in her keynote address.

The LucidCatalyst team were honored to be invited to write both the NGO Foreword (with Energy for Humanity and ClearPath Foundation) as well as a dedicated chapter in the report focused on flexible advanced reactors in future energy grids and innovative new hydrogen production facilities. See the Clean Energy Ministerial NICE Future Initiative Flexible Nuclear Campaign Report.

In addition, the LucidCatalyst team authored an article in the IAEA Special Bulletin (September issue) on Nuclear Energy and the Clean Energy Transition, which will be distributed at the Annual General Conference.


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