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Read about our efforts relating to decarbonization, alternative energy, zero carbon energy, and universal access to clean modern energy.

Derisking the TeraWatt Transition

CASC–TerraPraxis, LucidCatalyst's NGO partner, will host this high-level, by-invitation-only event, to take place in parallel with COP26

Clean Heat for Industrial Decarbonisation

NEA–Kirsty Gogan participated on the panel "National strategies and global perspectives" of this conference on reaching Net Zero

Can nuclear find a place in the energy transition?

ENERGY INTELLIGENCE FORUM 2021–Kirsty Gogan joined the conversation at the event titled: Can nuclear find a place in the energy transition?

Nuclear Seen Keeping Costs Down for "Green" Hydrogen

REUTERS–Hydrogen is increasingly seen as an essential fuel to power a future, carbon-free economy. Cites a new study LucidCatalyst worked on

The Next Chapter for Nuclear

CONSERVATIVE PARTY CONFERENCE–Kirsty Gogan participated in the session on nuclear energy (LC does not endorse any political party)

From Commitments to Actions: The Sprint to Net Zero

CLEANTECH FORUM–Ingersoll & Gogan joined the panel on Big Ideas: is repowering coal the largest carbon abatement opportunity in the world?

Energy Transition: The Role of Nuclear

ENYGF–Kirsty Gogan participated in this annual event with the IAEA in Tarragona, Spain—the essential role of nuclear in decarbonization

Independent study on hydrogen production shows using nuclear will cut costs and emissions

URENCO Press Release – Today, Urenco published a new report supported by the IAEA, EDF and LucidCatalyst

Nuclear Needed for Hydrogen Production, Study Says

WNN–Nuclear and renewables are needed for net zero. The article cites a new Aurora study to which LucidCatalyst contributed.

Nuclear for Marine Shipping

CATF-EPRI-PILLSBURY–LucidCatalyst partipated in this workshop on decarbonisation of marine shipping, zero-carbon fuels and how to make them

Kirsty Gogan on using ‘Impossible Burgers’ to deliver net zero

NUCLEAR FUTURE–Kirsty Gogan is featured in the cover story about how the nuclear industry can help deliver net zero

Hydrogen Goes Nuclear as U.K. Reactor Pivots Toward Renewables

BLOOMBERG–Kirsty Gogan is quoted about the role of nuclear to produce clean hydrogen and achieve Net Zero in the UK

Unfortunately, I Care About Power Lines Now

THE ATLANTIC–If America wants to fight climate change or enjoy the modern economy it must get better at building electricity transmission

Kirsty Gogan & Dr. Rita Baranwal. Deep Decarbonisation Advocates. Nuclear Energy Powerhouses

ENERGY DISRUPTORS Podcast–This podcast features two inspirational powerhouses creating a new set of possibilities around nuclear

Innovation & Investment in Energy Summit

FRONTIER ENERGY NETWORK–LucidCatalyst was pleased to co-sponsor this forum for leaders changing the face of global energy sector

UK Modelling Report 'Decouples Energy from Emissions'

WNN–Diverse, scalable and low-cost applications for nuclear technologies have for first time been fully represented across whole energy...

TerraPower circles 2023 for Natrium construction permit

WNN–TerraPower hopes to apply for a construction permit in August 2023 and an operating license in March 2026 for its Natrium fast reactor

NNL Unveils Transformative Nuclear for Net Zero Modelling

NNL NEWS–UK's NNL published a ground-breaking modelling report demonstrating the role nuclear can play in delivering the UK’s net zero goals

Kirsty Gogan and Eric Ingersoll on Nuclear Hydrogen

THE RATIONAL VIEW Podcast–Astrophysicist Dr. Al Scott has a conversation with Eric Ingersoll and Kirsty Gogan about nuclear hydrogen

Nuclear Innovation Highlighted at CEM12

WNN–Kirsty Gogan moderated discussion at CEM—how nuclear energy can contribute to reducing carbon emissions in fight against climate change