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Read about our efforts relating to decarbonization, alternative energy, zero carbon energy, and universal access to clean modern energy.

Foratom highlights nuclear's role in EU hydrogen economy

Nuclear provides a perfect solution for the generation of large quantities of low-carbon and affordable hydrogen, the European nuclear trade

Nuclear enables environmentalists to talk about 'plenty'

Kirsty Gogan and Ben Heard at the Atoms for Humanity discussion about Sustainable Development Goals

De-Risking The Energy Transition

Join Top Tier Impact and LucidCatalyst for a Webinar about how we can de-risk the energy transition. May 6 at 1 pm BST

Reimagining Energy: Non-Power Applications

GAIN Webinar Series. Eric Ingersoll and Kirsty Gogan were invited to present on Non-Power Applications.

How Hydrogen-Enabled Synthetic Fuels Can Cut Global Emissions

Cimpatico Podcast – Kirsty Gogan discusses the three main organising principles in order to achieve decarbonisation — Scale, Speed, and Cost

Driving Deeper Decarbonisation with Hydrogen-Enabled Synthetic Fuels

LucidCatalyst published a report that has made crucial breakthrough in designing new strategies for clean low-cost & large-scale hydrogen...

Why Hydrogen Needs Nuclear Power To Succeed

This article in cites our Missing Link report describing our proposals for large-scale production of green hydrogen.

Advanced heat sources are key to decarbonisation, says LucidCatalyst

This WNN article features our landmark study on zero-carbon hydrogen: Missing Link to a Livable Climate

ETI NCD Study cited in the UK's HM Treasury NetZero Interim report

as evidence that "learning can, and does, occur for nuclear power plant construction where nations are able to invest in fleet deployment...

Atomic Insights Podcast – All Reactors Large and Small

Kristy and Eric join Rod Adams and other experts in a lively discussion of nuclear plant costs and the relationship of costs to size...

Nuclear Sector Deal Webinar Series 2021

Kirsty Gogan of LucidCatalyst joined a distinguished panel to discuss how we can achieve cost reduction in nuclear new build.

The Clean Hydrogen Saga: Part II – The Cost of Clean Hydrogen

This is part 2 of a 4-part series on clean hydrogen and how to bring its costs down. Here are the main factors in clean H2 production...

The Need to Scale Up Hydrogen – Part I

LucidCatalyst's "Missing Link" report informed this series of articles about addressing "difficult-to-decarbonize" sectors...

Governments Look to Expand Nuclear Power Through SMRs

Kirsty Gogan said SMRs can provide economical and clean dispatchable generation, repower coal plants, and supply heat ...

Energy Strategy Podcast: Conversation with Kirsty Gogan & Eric Ingersoll

This podcast from Sweden explores: How do we go about delivering on the Paris agreement? and other questions...

Floating nuclear power plants are an affordable and clean alternative to fossil fuels

Seaborg Technologies says its floating barges fitted with advanced nuclear reactors could provide electricity across the developing world.

Nuclear Industry Sees Its Survival In The Need For Carbon Capture

FORBES—Nuclear advocates see a vast market for reactors in carbon capture and carbon-based products, not only for the next generation ...

Which are the most effective climate change nonprofits?

LucidCatalyst works closely with both the Clean Air Task Force and TerraPraxis, rated most effective nonprofits working on climate change...

What is Hydrogen Fuel? New ways of making hydrogen are set to transform the energy industry...

BUSINESS INSIDER—Eric Ingersoll is quoted in this comprehensive article about the $145 billion hydrogen market.

EU Sustainable Finance Taxonomy: The case to unlock sustainable funding for nuclear industry

Kirsty Gogan advised the Arup report showing why nuclear power deserves a place in the EU Sustainable Finance Taxonomy framework.