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Read about our efforts relating to decarbonization, alternative energy, zero carbon energy, and universal access to clean modern energy.

Kirsty Gogan & Dr. Rita Baranwal. Deep Decarbonisation Advocates. Nuclear Energy Powerhouses

This podcast features two inspirational powerhouses creating a new set of possibilities around nuclear

Innovation & Investment in Energy Summit

We were pleased to co-sponsor and participate in this Frontier Energy forum for leaders changing the face of the global energy sector

UK Modelling Report 'Decouples Energy from Emissions'

WNN – Diverse, scalable and low-cost applications for nuclear technologies have for first time been fully represented across whole energy...

TerraPower circles 2023 for Natrium construction permit

WNN – TerraPower hopes to apply for a construction permit in August 2023 and an operating license in March 2026 for its Natrium fast reactor

NNL Unveils Transformative Nuclear for Net Zero Modelling

The UK's NNL has published ground-breaking modelling report demonstrating the role nuclear can play in delivering the UK’s net zero goals

The Rational View: Kirsty Gogan and Eric Ingersoll on Nuclear Hydrogen

Professional astrophysicist Dr. Al Scott has a conversation with Eric and Kirsty about nuclear hydrogen

Nuclear Innovation Highlighted at CEM12

Kirsty Gogan moderated discussion at CEM—how nuclear energy can contribute to reducing carbon emissions in the fight against climate change

CEM Event: Flexible Nuclear Campaign for Nuclear-Renewables Integration

Join Kirsty Gogan and Eric Ingersoll for this on-demand side-event at the Clean Energy Ministerial (CEM12) meeting

One Big Energy Bet Could End California's Drought, But Really

With the climate changing and droughts on the rise, big changes are needed in order to save the state...Building smart solar developments...

De-Risking The Energy Transition

Webinar with Top Tier Impact and LucidCatalyst about how we can de-risk the energy transition, featuring Gogan, Ingersoll, and Herter ...

Foratom Highlights Nuclear's Role in EU hydrogen Economy

Nuclear provides a perfect solution for the generation of large quantities of low-carbon and affordable hydrogen, the European nuclear trade

Nuclear enables environmentalists to talk about 'plenty'

Kirsty Gogan and Ben Heard at the Atoms for Humanity discussion about Sustainable Development Goals

On Course to Create a Fusion Power Plant

Eric Ingersoll helped teach this MIT engineering course, which became an incubator for fusion design innovations

Oil Companies and Major Utilities Mulling Purchase of 1.4GW Green Hydrogen Project in Chile

The $3bn HNH facility—to be powered by at least 1.8GW of onshore wind—will generate up to one million tonnes of green ammonia per year

European Taxonomy / Commission Announces Plans To Include Nuclear Energy

Reason prevails! The European commission has announced that it will include nuclear power in the EU’s sustainable taxonomy.

Reimagining Energy: Non-Power Applications

GAIN Webinar Series. Eric Ingersoll and Kirsty Gogan were invited to present on Non-Power Applications.

Driving Deeper Decarbonisation with Hydrogen-Enabled Synthetic Fuels

LucidCatalyst published a report that has made crucial breakthrough in designing new strategies for clean low-cost & large-scale hydrogen...

How Hydrogen-Enabled Synthetic Fuels Can Cut Global Emissions

Cimpatico Podcast – Kirsty Gogan discusses the three main organising principles in order to achieve decarbonisation — Scale, Speed, and Cost

Why Hydrogen Needs Nuclear Power To Succeed

This article in cites our Missing Link report describing our proposals for large-scale production of green hydrogen.

Advanced heat sources are key to decarbonisation, says LucidCatalyst

This WNN article features our landmark study on zero-carbon hydrogen: Missing Link to a Livable Climate