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Policymakers should act now on nuclear, urges new report

World Nuclear News

16 Sept 2020

There are immediate actions that countries and stakeholders can take in understanding the importance of nuclear power in the transition to clean energy, according to a report published today by the Flexible Nuclear Campaign for Nuclear-Renewables Integration (FNC). FNC is a campaign of the Nuclear Innovation: Clean Energy Future (NICE Future) initiative under the Clean Energy Ministerial (CEM), and coordinated by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory.

Nuclear energy provides nearly one-third of the world's non-emitting electricity and complementing and enabling other clean energy sources, including renewables. Recognising this current and future potential for nuclear energy, the NICE Future initiative was launched in 2018 at the 9th CEM, which was held in Copenhagen, Denmark.

The new report – The Flexible Nuclear Energy for Clean Energy Systems – has been published ahead of the 11th CEM, which takes place on 22 September and is being hosted this year by Saudi Arabia. It provides a collection of technical analyses that, in the aggregate, demonstrate the current and potential future roles for nuclear energy in providing flexibility in meeting energy demands.

For the purposes of the report, flexibility is defined as: the ability of nuclear energy generation to economically provide energy services at the time and location they are needed by end-users. These energy services can include both electric and non-electric applications utilising both traditional and advanced nuclear power plants and integrated systems.



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