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One Big Energy Bet Could End California's Drought, But Really

With the climate changing and droughts on the rise, big changes are needed in order to save the state


May 8, 2021

CLIMATE CHANGE AND WATER SCARCITIES are front and center in the western U.S. The region’s climate is warming, a severe multi-year drought is underway, and groundwater supplies are being overpumped in many locations.

Western states are pursuing many strategies to adapt to these stresses and prepare for the future. These include measures to promote renewable energy development, conserve water, and manage natural and working lands more sustainably.


California’s aging power infrastructure has contributed to catastrophic wildfires and multi-day outages. Building smart solar developments on canals and other disturbed lands can make power and water infrastructure more resilient while saving water, reducing costs, and helping to fight climate change. We believe it’s a model that should be considered across the country — and the planet.

This article was originally published on The Conversation by Roger Bales and Brandi McKuin at University of California, Merced and University of California, Santa Cruz. Read the original article here.


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