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Nuclear Seen Keeping Costs Down for "Green" Hydrogen


Oct 5, 2021

Nuclear power operators can mitigate high costs by fitting plants to produce hydrogen, and studies have found that the cheapest option for the growing hydrogen economy is to include nuclear in the energy mix.

Hydrogen is increasingly seen as an essential fuel to power a future, carbon-free economy. Reuters cites a new study — Decarbonising Hydrogen in a Net Zero Economy — commissioned by Urenco and supported by the International Atomic Energy Agency, EDF and LucidCatalyst.

...The nuclear industry believes its high-capacity reactors are better placed to turbo charge economies’ planned move to hydrogen. Without nuclear producing so-called ‘pink hydrogen’ – though many argue, zero-emission nuclear should also be in the ‘green’ category – the push toward a hydrogen economy will be virtually impossible, say supporters.


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