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Nuclear Beyond Power: Hydrogen, Heat, and Desalination

Fifth annual Atlantic Council Global Energy Forum

January 19-22, 2021

The Atlantic Council Global Energy Forum is the premiere international gathering of government, industry, and thought leaders to set the energy agenda for the year.

Non-grid nuclear applications hold key to decarbonisation: Using nuclear plants to generate heat as well as electricity for non-grid industrial applications could be central to deep decarbonisation efforts beyond being a source of zero-carbon electricity. Our panel looked at how hydrogen and nuclear energy can contribute to carbon abatement efforts in areas that have so far been hard to decarbonise.

Watch the panel discussion, moderated by Shannon Bragg-Sitton, Idaho National Lab

  • H.E. Mohamed Al Hammadi, Chief Executive Officer, Emirates Nuclear Energy Corporation

  • Kirsty Gogan, Managing Partner, LucidCatalyst (and founder of TerraPraxis)

  • Seth Grae, President and CEO, Lightbridge Corporation

  • Simon Irish, Chief Executive Officer, Terrestrial Energy


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