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Floating nuclear power plants are an affordable and clean alternative to fossil fuels


by Andrea D. Steffen

December 23, 2020

Danish startup Seaborg Technologies says it can make affordable nuclear electricity a viable alternative to fossil fuels. It says its floating barges fitted with advanced nuclear reactors could provide electricity across the developing world as soon as 2025.

Kirsty Gogan, Managing Director of LucidCatalyst and founder of NGO's TerraPraxis and Energy for Humanity, said, "For hard-to-reach regions, with a climate that is simultaneously too harsh to support the use of renewable energies and too fragile to continue its heavy dependence on fossil fuels, small nuclear, including floating plants, is the only answer."

According to the International Energy Agency, the growing global population and rising levels of affluence are accelerating the demand for electricity to the point that it’s on course to outpace the rise of renewable energy and increase dependence on fossil fuels. Floating nuclear power plants could be the “turn-key solution” necessary for fast-growing developing economies to power their industries, produce clean-burning hydrogen, and purify drinking water.


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