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Podcast interview with Kirsty Gogan: I always judge myself before others!


Listen to this podcast with Kirsty Gogan is the Managing Director of LucidCatalyst and Co-Founder of Energy for Humanity and TerraPraxis, non-profit organizations focused on solving climate change.

Kirsty grew up in Dublin and Lemington Spa, and now lives in southeast London with husband Anthony and two children.

After finishing high school, Kirsty wanted a bit of freedom and to earn some money. She worked as the as the manager of an opticians, but soon realised this wasn’t for her. She read Politics at the University of West of England and loved the debate and discussion but recognised a UK-centric perspective of world events.

Kirsty wanted to travel and to understand the perspective of others in a very different and sustainable culture; this led her to live in Romania to do grass roots environmental work.

Returning to the UK, Kirsty started work in the press office for the Department for Environment where she was promoted to senior press officer for the Deputy Prime Minister John Prescott. She studied for an MSc in business strategy politics and environment at Birkbeck before working as Head of PR at Futerra. Kirsty then moved on to the Department for Energy and Climate Change in the nuclear directorate, much to the surprise of her friends.

Kirsty highly recommends reading Professor Sir David MacKay’s book “Sustainable Energy Without the Hot Air” ( which opened her eyes to the scale of the energy challenge and not being able to address it with renewables alone.

For more information about Kirsty visit:


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