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Flexible Nuclear Energy for Clean Energy Systems

Clean Energy Ministerial

Technical Report 

September 2020

As co-founders of the Clean Energy Ministerial Flexible Nuclear Campaign, Eric Ingersoll and Kirsty Gogan were delighted to contribute to this new Flexible Nuclear for Clean Energy Systems report, by co-authoring the Foreword, along with Clear Path Foundation, and writing a chapter on de-risking the clean energy transition. 

Flexible Nuclear Energy for Clean Energy Systems is a new report that provides a collection of technical analyses that, in the aggregate, demonstrate the current and potential future roles for nuclear energy in providing power system flexibility to meet energy demands. While the data and analysis presented may reveal differences between sections due to individual authors’ perspectives or focus, collectively they seek to explore the value of flexible nuclear energy.

Across the different chapters, several key points emerge:

  • There is already an established body of knowledge surrounding flexible operation of existing nuclear plants.

  • Innovation can increase the flexibility of existing nuclear reactors to produce both clean electricity and beneficial non-electric products.

  • Advanced reactors will present even more opportunities for flexibility in nuclear systems.

  • Nuclear flexibility can be key in enabling other clean energy sources.

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