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Ep. 76 - Eric Ingersoll

Eric Ingersoll is founder of the NGO Energy Options Network and a managing director and partner at LucidCatalyst.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • Eric’s personal evolution and his entrepreneurial endeavors, including his former company General Compression 

  • Eric’s work as one of the world’s leading climate change analysts and advisors 

  • A deep dive into natural gas cavern storage 

  • How a combination of cheap gas and lack of demand for electricity nearly eliminated the wind development industry 

  • Why compressed air storage and wind energy can’t solve the global carbon emission problem 

  • System constraints Eric established while determining how to bring carbon-free electricity to the entire world and how advanced nuclear fits within those constraints 

  • Commercialization development and deployment challenges with advanced reactors 

  • The Nuclear Cost Driver Study 

  • Ways in which we can reduce the cost and time required in the construction process to increase nuclear’s scalability

Listen to the full interview here.

Or view the video in parts:

Titans of Nuclear: Eric Ingersoll | Early Exposure to Design (Pt. 1) 9:27
















Titans of Nuclear: Eric Ingersoll | Meditation and Motivation (Pt. 2) 11:05

Titans of Nuclear: Eric Ingersoll | Environmental & Energy Startups (Pt. 3) 14:37

Titans of Nuclear: Eric Ingersoll | Wind Resources and Energy Storage (Pt. 4) 11:05

Titans of Nuclear: Eric Ingersoll | Manufacturing Advanced Reactors in a Shipyard (Pt. 5) 10:30

Titans of Nuclear: Eric Ingersoll | Cost-effective Manufacturing (Pt. 6) 10:54

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